Visitor arrivals for January 2021
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Statistics and Census Service
2021-02-23 17:12

Information from the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) indicated that number of visitor arrivals in January 2021 dropped by 15.6% month-to-month to 556,765, which also represented a year-on-year decline of 80.5%. Same-day visitors and overnight visitors totalled 287,818 and 268,947 respectively. The average length of stay of visitors extended by 0.4 day year-on-year to 1.6 days; the duration for overnight visitors (3.0 days) increased by 0.7 day, whereas that for same-day visitors (0.1 day) shortened by 0.1 day.

In terms of source of visitors, number of Mainland visitors fell by 76.7% year-on-year to 496,157, with those travelling under the Individual Visit Scheme adding up to 174,554. Visitors from the nine Pearl River Delta cities in the Greater Bay Area totalled 304,584, of whom 153,345 (50.3% of total) came from Zhuhai. Meanwhile, there were 50,379 visitors from Hong Kong and 10,212 from Taiwan.

Analysed by checkpoint, visitor arrivals by land in January decreased by 76.1% year-on-year to 518,916, and 432,496 (83.3%) of them arrived through the Border Gate. Visitor arrivals by air and by sea stood at 23,930 and 13,919 respectively.